About us


AIRMAN is a reliable construction and industrial equipment brand manufactured by Hokuetsu Industries in Japan since 1938. Known as the superior diesel engine compressor brand in Japan, Airman also manufactures generators, screw compressors, scissor lifts and mini excavators for markets around the world that use the same advanced Using Japanese technology.

  • Diesel Engine Compressor - PDS Series
  • Diesel Engine Generator - SDG Series
  • Engine Air Compressor - SAS / SMS Series
  • Scissor Lift - EN Series
  • Mini Excavator - AX Series

Advanced product design features include energy efficiency, durability and a low noise profile at the job site. After building a strong market presence both nationally and internationally, AIRMAN - along with 500 of our domestic and international distributors and partners - celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2018 in Tokyo.


Hokuetsu Industries

Hokuetsu Industries Europe B.V. is a 100% subsidiary of Hokuetsu Industries Co., Ltd. Japan. It was founded in 1991 as a subsidiary of the AIRMAN group to meet the needs of European countries. Hokuetsu Industries Europe B.V. is located in a strategic location in the Netherlands and can take advantage of this location to sell AIRMAN customers faster and provide technical support.

We will continue to challenge adaptability in developing our new products by designing them to conserve the environment and minimize energy waste for future generations and to improve their business value. We will continue to contribute new value to society and industry both in the domestic and overseas markets.

We thank you very much for your continued support and guidance.