SUPER-COMPACT. Very reliable!

Sleeps 8


1160 kg

Sleeps 8

Rated power

9.5 kW

Sleeps 8

Bucket capacity

0.0022 ISO

Sleeps 8

Digging depth

1.780 m

The AX10u-7 is the smallest machine in our Airman mini excavator range, but still offers excellent performance with its reliable, powerful, economical stage V compliant Japanese made Yanmar 3-cylinder engine.

The compact design makes it possible to work in tight spaces. It is the perfect machine to be used in projects such as residential foundations, interior renovations, utilities and landscaping.

Low weight, small dimensions and extendable roll bar make the machine easy to transport with a small truck or trailer


Compact design

Due to its small dimensions and foldable roll bar, the AX10U-7 can even be used indoors

Adjustable tracks and blade

The tracks can be extended and retracted with the control handle: retracted for transport on a truck and better maneuverability on construction sites with limited space; extended for stability during excavation work.

AX10U-7 hammering