SUPER-COMPACT. Very reliable

Sleeps 8


1920 kg

Sleeps 8

Rated power

10.6 kW

Sleeps 8

Bucket capacity

0.04 ISO

Sleeps 8

Digging depth

2.380 m

The Airman AX19-7 is the more traditionally designed mini excavator in our range, which is equipped with a strong, fuel-efficient Yanmar stage V-compliant engine and has a small minimum front turning radius, allowing it to be used in tight spaces for projects involving utilities, foundation work, landscaping and indoor demolition and construction sites.

Boom cylinder mounted on top of the boom reduces the risk of cylinder damage.
Additional hydraulic circuit is controlled by a proportional thumb roller on the right joystick

AX19CGL-6A (12)

Easy to transport.

Due to its low weight and compact dimensions, the excavator is easy to transport on a trailer with a small drivers license.

Adjustable tracks and blade

The tracks can be extended and retracted with the control handle: retracted for transport on a truck and better maneuverability on construction sites with limited space; extended for stability during excavation work.

AX19CGL-6A (3)
AX19CGL-6A (5)

Easy maintenance.

The engine and radiator covers can easily be opened or removed to allow easy and quick access to the machine's most important maintenance points.

Biggest in class cabin.

The large comfortable cabin with redesigned interior has a wide door for easy entrance, and provides increased all around visibility to the operator.