Super compact, very reliable

Sleeps 8


2720 kg

Sleeps 8

Rated power

15.6 kW

Sleeps 8

Bucket capacity

0.07 ISO

Sleeps 8

Digging depth

2.730 m

The small Airman AX26u-7 with short swing radius is truly an uncompromising machine. The excavator is equipped with a Stage V compliant Japanese-made Yanmar engine, which, combined with our highly advanced hydraulic system, ensures high productivity and efficiency.

The machines are easy to maintain as the machine is fitted with large, easy-to-open hoods that provide good access to the machine's daily inspection points. mm.

It is the perfect machine for jobs such as rental, utilities, foundation work, landscaping, demolition and construction projects.


Neutral engine starter system

The engine cannot be started if the safety lever is not in the locked position for safe operation.

Adjustable tracks and blade

The tracks can be extended and retracted with the control handle: retracted for transport on a truck and better maneuverability on construction sites with limited space; extended for stability during excavation work.

Airman AX26U-6A naked spec (21)